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You’ll be shocked to know these designer perfume brands have perfumes below 20,000 Naira.


Smelling great is serious business. But, what do you do in a case where you have your one-month salary written on a single perfume bottle? Life doesn’t have to be snuffed out of you because you want to smell nice, you know. Especially in this present Nigerian economy. It’s only wise to stick to budget-friendly fragrances. And since the price does not necessarily connote the quality of the fragrance, you don’t have to rob a bank to smell heavenly.

Hence, We have come up with names of some brands with the cheapest perfumes online and in physical stores. By cheap, we mean they have their prices below 20,000 NGN as at the time of writing this article. Gladly, each fragrance has been linked to its page on D’Scentsation for seamless purchase.


Other than the fun and gorgeousness the perfume bottles in her line portray, they also bring a sense of class and excitement into your life. With Fantasy as the best seller. Britney’s collections boasts of elegant yet affordable scents. Despite having about 55 perfumes to choose from, whichever one you settle with, you will never be able to get enough of it.

Boldly speaking, all Britney Spears’ scents are a huge success. They are great fragrances for boss ladies and evening ladies. They make the perfect signature scents. No doubt, this brand presents fun, vibrant, and outgoing women with affordable fragrances. Whilst most of her perfumes offer floral and fruity scents, there is quite a handful of them with powerful musk and woody notes. Mysteriously enchanting you every step of the way.

Fantasy Twist- N18,500
Curious for women- N18,500
Believe for women- N18,500
Radiance for women- N18,500
Private Show for Women- N18,500
Comic Radiance for Women- N18,500
Fantasy Intimate for Her- N18,500
Island Fantasy for women- N19,000


Great upbeat and optimistic scents. Moschino fragrances are known to be affordable while still delivering in terms of quality.

Funny- N18,500
Forever Sailing- N18,500
Toujours Glamour EDT- N18,500


Franck Olivier’s perfumes are sold at an incredible speed. Could it be the price tag responsible for this sale’s speed? We wouldn’t know. What we know is if you purchase any of Olivier’s perfumes, you will get just about the right value for your money and you will forever be pleased with it.

Oud Touch- N10,650
Night Touch- N10,650
Black Touch- N10,650
White Touch- N10,650


Beyonce perfume line is one of the most popular and affordable out there. Her collection has perfumes for all seasons. With Midnight Heat as the overall best, her fragrances are predominantly fruity and floral making it super suitable for the confident and energetic woman.

Shimmering Heat- N11,000
Heat Seduction- N15,000
Heat Kissed- N14,500
Midnight Heat- N15,000
Heat Rush- N15,000


Alfred Dunhill’s brand makes perfumes that smell dang great. Affordable and nice, perfect for all age groups. Most of his fragrances do not have an overpowering scent which makes it just right for all occasions.

Fresh EDT- N16,000
Black EDT- N16,000
51.3 EDT- N16,000
Pure EDT- N16,000


If hip and trendy were a perfume, it sure would be Calvin Klein scents. CK fragrances spell youthfulness and boldness yet are budget-friendly. CK has achieved tremendous success with all perfumes in his stable. And when it comes to unisex perfumes, CK easily gets the boss feather to his cap.

CK Man EDT- N18,000
Truth Man- N18,500
Obsession Night- N18,150
CK One Shock- N18,500


You see Axis fragrances are on a whole different level. This brand’s collection has scents you won’t be able to stop spritzing. Affordable and beautiful. They make amazing gifts for your loved ones. For fragrances as great as these, yet come with a lean price tag, you sure don’t want to sleep on this.

Electric Pink- N9,800
Floral bouquet- N9,800
Floral Gold- N9,800
Love- N9,800
Elegant- N9,800

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