A great perfume depends almost entirely on good ingredients. Perfumes are partly made from natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are products present or derived from nature. Such as plants, animals, etc. They are freshly sourced and in their best quality so the perfumes that are made from them maximize their intrinsic flavor.

These nature-based scent sources like flowers, fruits, spices contain oils called essential oils that are extracted to create perfumes. These oils are fetched via various processes like maceration, enfleurage, solvent extraction, or even steam distillation.

Read on for further enlightenment on the natural ingredients that give your favorite perfume their awesome scent.

PATCHOULI- Obtained from a bushy shrub with fibrous root native to Malaysia and India. Often used as a base note. It gives off a musty-sweet and spicy aroma. It is smelt in perfumes like Ombre Leather by Tom Ford.

OUD- Oud is one of the scents that is highly valued by performers for its warm sweetness mixed with woody and balsamic notes. It is derived from one of the rarest wood in the world. Due to its depths, it is often used as base notes. It is known to give a masculine touch to any fragrance.

VANILLA- Obtained from Vanilla Orchid seed pod. It is highly scented. It is popular and expensive to produce.

OAKMOSS- Retrieved from a Lichen that grows on oak trees. It is oriental and heavy when gotten initially, when dried it becomes more pleasing and earthy.

TONKA BEAN- Gotten from a plant found in Brazil. It gives off a vanilla smell with strong whiffs of cinnamon and almonds. It is mostly used in place of vanilla cause it is less expensive. Tonka Bean is smelt in Dior’s Hypnotic Poison.

ROSE- Rose is the queen of flowers and one of the most used flowers in the perfume industry. It is used in about all floral fragrances.

MUSK- Derived from the gland of the animal, Musk Deer. It is used in virtually all perfumes for men as base notes.

JASMINE- Jasmine is a flower and is among the most expensive perfume ingredients in the universe. It is a light and refreshing floral scent and can be smelt in J’adore by Dior.


AMBER- It is a heavy, rich, sweet powdery note gotten from Baltic Amber Tree. It is used in oriental fragrances and is smelt in Gucci Guilty.


SANDALWOOD- Gotten from Sandalwood Tree, one of the most valuable trees in the world. That originated from East India. It is creamy, warm, and woody and found commonly at the base of men and unisex perfumes like CK One by Calvin Klein.

MANDARIN- Mandarin is obtained from Mandarin Orange native to China. It has an intense smell that is fresh, citrusy, and fruity. It is smelt in Dior’s Sauvage.


OSMANTHUS- Osmanthus has a refined apricot smell obtained from a flowering tree of Chinese origin.

VETIVER- Vetiver is gotten from grass. Its essential oil smell of the moist earth with woody, leather, smoky undertones altogether. Making it a highly sought-after ingredient for men’s perfume. It is smelt in Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford.

NEROLI- Neroli is a citrus oil gotten by distillation of the sweet or bitter blossoms of orange trees. It is smelt in Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford.


LAVENDER- Lavender has a relaxing and fresh yet not overpowering smell that is known to lessen stress and facilitate calmness. Useful in aromatherapy.

YLANG-YLANG- It is obtained from flowers of an Asian evergreen tree. It is used in expensive floral perfumes.
BERGAMOT- It is gotten from non-edible bergamot orange that is mainly grown in Italy. This citrusy scent is known to be bright and refreshing. It is smelt in Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb.


TUBEROSE- It is a plant with white flowers resembling those of Lily. They are highly fragrant. It is smelt in Good girl by Carolina.


MAGNOLIA FLOWER- This flower produces a sweet floral scent with hints of fruity notes popularly used in summer fragrances. Due to its relaxing right refreshing smell, it is an essential ingredient in aromatherapy.


AMBERGRIS- It is derived from the sperm secretion of the largest aquatic mammal, the Whale. It is a sweet, woody smell. Its sale is illegal in most countries. Hence, the scarcity.

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