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Mon Paris Eau de Parfum 90ml
Paris is the city of Love and hailing from there is the designer fashion mogul Yves Saint Laurent-the brand. Essentially, the female fragrance collection by this designer brand included a Paris-themed romantic fragrance- the Mon Paris Eau De Parfum inspired by the...
₦55,000.00 ₦54,000.00
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Cinema For Women Eau de Parfum 90ml
A simple elegant gold falcon with engraved writings adding perk and quirk to the outlook is what makes Cinema Ladies Eau De Parfum an instant hit in the Yves Saint Laurent fragrance line. The theme of the perfume is regarded as glamour...
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Manifesto Eau de Parfum 90ml
August 2012 release, Manifesto Ladies Eau De Parfum from the house of Yves Saint Laurent uses an upbeat, uplifting fragrance to etch a note of clear spontaneity, outrageous courage and  a passionate free-spirited attitude. The fragrance apt for both the fall and...
₦50,000.00 ₦45,500.00
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La Nuit De L'Homme Eau de Parfum 100ml
Fougere- a prime fragrance derived from the traditional olfactive family is one of the oldest perfumery essence, widely used by Yves Saint Laurent as one of their dominant themes for their fragrance line. La Nuit L’Homme Eau De Parfum, much like...
₦40,000.00 ₦36,950.00
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Yves saint laurent M7 EDT 80ml
The fragrance opens with juicy accords of sweet tangerines, which are later joined by exotic patchouli. The base of the fragrance, which stays on the skin for the longest time, belongs to the notes of tantalising myrrh and agarwood, complemented...
₦60,000.00 ₦53,000.00
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Yves Saint Laurent Libre EDP 90ml Perfume For Women
Libre: a grand floral Eau de Parfum, with an unequivocal YSL twist.The burning sensuality of the orange blossom flowers from Morocco, twisted with the aromatic boldness of lavender from France.Lavender, traditionally used in male perfumery is given an ultra-feminine facet...
₦70,000.00 ₦64,500.00
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Y Eau de Parfum 100ml
YSL Y EDP is a fresh and aromatic scent; a proper "blue" fragrance. It is made up of sweet fruitiness from apple, freshened up by an aquatic and zesty combination of bergamot and ambroxan, and spiced up with bouquet of...
₦53,000.00 ₦52,500.00
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Splendid Wood Eau de Parfum 80ml
Yves Saint Laurent Oriental Collection has received the fourth fragrance inspired by wood. That is the edition called Splendid Wood based on precious woody notes created in oriental style. Precious ingredients for this fragrance to fill the luxurious glass flacon decorated with gold...
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Exquisite Musk Eau de Parfum 80ml
Exquisite Musk by Yves Saint Laurent is a Oriental fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Exquisite Musk was launched in 2016. Top note is ginger; middle notes are rose, cinnamon and nutmeg; base notes are benzoin,...
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Noble Leather Eau de Parfum 80ml
The potent and deep scent of leather fervently states its case and whispers an elegant, raw and carnal sensuality. The ambery wood accord embraces languid vanilla and the earthy scents of patchouli before giving way to intermingling tanned leathers. Enhanced...
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Supreme Bouquet Eau de Parfum 80ml
a blend of whimsical tuberose, exotic ylang and enigmatic jasmine. Their blossoms drenched in luscious fruit and animal scents, fully spread their opulence. As a counterpoint, the vibrancy of the ambery wood accord, musks and patchouli is an invitation to...
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Opium Eau de Parfum 90ml For Women
Enchanting and mystical with strong aromatic nuances, the magic of Opium Ladies Eau De Parfum from the French designer house of Yves Saint Laurent is in fact a masterpiece of creation, including such optimistic blends that would melt your heart with sinful...
₦59,500.00 ₦55,500.00
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Black Opium Nuit Blanche Eau de Parfum 90ml
Electric aromas create a shocking blend of head-turning fragrances as Black Opium Nuit Blanche Eau De Parfum byYves Saint Laurent introduces itself as the third edition re-incarnation of the original Black Opium, released in 2016 with a modern twist playing up the...
₦60,250.00 ₦55,000.00
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Black Opium Eau de Parfum 90ml
An attractive sparkling flacon encases the mysterious Black Opium Eau De Parfum by the designer house of Yves Saint Laurent with the perfect peach engraved in the middle adding a luxurious feel to the look.   Released in the September of 2014, Black...
₦56,000.00 ₦54,000.00
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Black Opium Floral Shock Eau de Parfum 90ml
Yves Saint Laurent announces a new edition of the popular Black Opium collection to come out at the start of 2017, called Black Opium Floral Shock. The new edition Black Opium Floral Shock is announced as a fresher version with...
₦60,000.00 ₦54,500.00
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Black OPium Eau de Toilette 90ml
Black Opium Eau De Toilette by Yves Saint Laurent was introduced a year after the EDP version- the same flacon style in dazzling texture still mesmerizing everyone.The fragrance was introduced in August 2005 with robust sensual notes and vibrant passionate nuances...
₦58,000.00 ₦50,500.00
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Manifesto L'Eclat Eau de Toilette 90ml
Manifesto L’Eclat Eau De Toilette by Yves Saint Laurent is an empowering fragrances directed towards modern women and their lifestyle and choices, but with a twist. The flacon with its opulent presentation comes in a soothing metallic gold hue, almost resembling...
₦50,000.00 ₦48,500.00
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Elle Eau de Toilette 90ml
A contemporary flacon, slender and feminine in presentation holds the exquisite Elle Ladies Eau De Toilette, a  fall/winter night fragrance from the house of Yves Saint Laurent created by infamous perfumers Jacques Cavallier and Olivier Cresp.   The fragrance was released in...
₦51,500.00 ₦49,500.00
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L'Homme Ultime Eau de Parfum 100ml
After the original 2006 L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent, YSL came up with another modified and re-incarnated version of the perfume in EDP, this time referring to it as L’Homme Ultime Eau De Parfum. Launched in 2016, Ultime is described as...
₦40,000.00 ₦39,900.00
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L'Homme Parfum Intense 100ml
Branching information from the original L’Homme 2006 version is L’Homme Intense Eau De Parfum released in August 2013 carrying the same hexagonal stopper clad in metal with a cylindrical container housing the perfume.As a part of YSL’s fall collection, this robust and...
₦49,000.00 ₦43,500.00
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L'Homme Libre Eau de Toilette 100ml
L’Homme Libre is a new variation on the subject of the original perfume L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent from 2006. L’Homme Libre launches in September 2011. The fragrance contains a mix of bergamot, pink pepper and patchouli. The face of the perfume is ballet dancer...
₦45,000.00 ₦43,000.00
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La Nuit De L'Homme Eau de Toilette 100ml
La Nuit De L’Homme Eau De Toilette by Yves Saint Laurent comes shaped in the same unique flacon as the EDP version. In fact, it was released one year before the EDP version in 2009 but with a much different outlook...
₦41,000.00 ₦34,500.00
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Korous For Men Eau de Toilette 100ml
White as milk and calming to the bones- YSL Korous for men is a winter night fragrance launched in 1981 by star perfumer Pierre Bourdon. Fougere in nature with unexpected bouts of aromatic nuances- the Korous Men Eau De Toilette oozes natural...
₦41,000.00 ₦39,000.00
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L'Homme Eau de Toilette 100ml
Simplicity is the key and consistency is the motto as Yves Saint Launrent once again amazes us with L’Homme Eau De Toilette- a woody perfume for the men dominated by a ravishing wave of floriental nuances. Creators Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion...
₦49,500.00 ₦44,500.00
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