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Got a perfume gift you don't like? Here is what you can do.

It is not uncommon to be in a situation where you have things you don’t like. Like being gifted a perfume whose smell you do not fancy. While ditching the gift seems like the best thing to do. We at Dscentsation know quite a several other things you can do with such perfume, which of course isn’t as harsh as outrightly throwing it in the bin.

Wait for the appropriate condition

When the matter of perfume scent is discussed, one of the things that aren't often well emphasized is the fact that certain conditions can affect how you perceive a fragrance. Conditions like weather (that is why we have perfumes associated with winter, summer, and what have you), also your present mood and diet can influence fragrance smell on your skin. We discussed this at length in one of our past articles “One perfume, different body, different smell”.

Before you hurriedly give out or sell off a perfume you got as a gift that you loathe. We strongly suggest you keep it properly and try it on again later in the year.

Additionally, refrain from trying the perfume when you’re not in a good mood. As your mood can alter how you feel about it. Imagine trying your gift scent when pregnant and exhibiting symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Or trying the perfume when you’re stressed, upset, or sick. Before testing your new perfume, ensure the condition is right. That way you would be able to explore it to the fullest.

Covet a new norm

Perhaps you have trained your nose to stick to a type of scent. Let’s say your type of scent is soft and subtle. And now you have been gifted a perfume with a deep scent you do not fancy. You can try the following:

Layer it! We love how perfume layering is like that ‘Don’ that bails all out of puzzling perfume situations. Since layering is not meant for the perfumes you like already, go ahead and layer that gift perfume with other perfumes.
  • If it is too weak, power it up by adding notes like patchouli, musk, vetiver, or woods.
  • If too dull, add citrus notes like neroli, bergamot, lime.
  • If you feel the perfume gift is just plain ugly. Add some beauty by layering up with perfumes that predominantly have a fruity rose note, orange flower note, tuberose, jasmine, Osmanthus flower, or mimosa.
  • For extra sweetness, pair with presumed containing tonka bean or vanilla.

Elongate its stay power
Peradventure the reason you don’t like the perfume is cause it fades real fast, consider boosting its stay power.

How do you do this?

  • Moisturize before spritzing the perfume. This helps the fragrance adhere to your skin while increasing its lasting power.
  • Similarly, spray your pulse points.
If you try all these and still have no change of mind towards that perfume. Chill a little more. All hope is not lost.

Let your nose get used to the scent

That same perfume you hate can be sprayed on a scarf and worn on days you’re not stepping out. When you get enough of it, you can simply take the scarf off.

Another way

Another way is to spray your lingerie, inside your wardrobe, on your books, inside envelopes, curtains, or spray the air to scent the entire room.

Still not satisfied with all that has been said? Then by all means re-gift it.

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