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Cognoscenti Tricks to make Fragrance Last Longer


Everyone spends a chunk amount of money on Perfumes. However, it’s a real bummer when you spritz, and the scents evaporates in no time at all. It is always a herculean task to find authentic fragrance online. Just click D’Scentsation and you surely get a plethora of discount perfumes online. Since you have spent a small fortune on Prada or Gucci EDP fragrance bottles, you may as well do a little research on how to wear it well.

Spritz On to Skin after Showering

If you start your morning with a fresh shower, take advantage of the fact that your skin is primed and is ready to hold onto scents. After a hot shower, the clean pores of your skin will open making your skin suitable for applying the perfume. Once you spritz the perfume on your body, it will be mixed with your own odour and create a mystical fragrance. One thing to be always kept in mind is don’t spray the perfume on the wet Body, just dry it up with the towel and then spray it in your pulse point and other areas.

Apply Moisturiser

Before applying your fragrance, moisturise your skin, with your favourite oil-based lotion or cream. As dry skin will not hold on to your fragrance as long as moisturised skin, so moisturise, moisturise and moisturise. It is a fact that fragrances adhere to moisturise skin longer.

Do Not Rub Your Wrist Together

Perfume experts’ wisdom says not to rub your wrist together, when you apply perfume because you will crush it’s molecule, disturbing the overall fragrance profile. It also dilutes the top notes. The friction helps to evaporate the fragrance even faster.
If you really like to blend your fragrance, try just tapping your wrist together, instead of creating friction. You can also dab your wrist, up to your warm, on to your neck or any point of the body. The Thumb rule is to spray the perfume across your forearm where it will catch the air or on your hair, if you really want the perfume to last longer.

Final Observation

As Much I enjoy the perfume, I am happy when it fades because I can apply a different perfume. But if you want to boost your scent for the truest fragrance make sure the first application is vanished from your skin. The last tip is to apply a little Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer.

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