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Eau De Mummy! Perfumes for Mother's Day

Eau De Mummy! Perfumes for Mother’s Day

We know a person that can replace everyone, but no one can replace. The one who gives the most sincere kiss and longest hug. The one whose love remains even after she is long gone. You already know who we are talking about right? A Mother!

A mother is a god and a walking miracle! She watched over you, cared for you, showered you with the finest things when you were young. Now that you’re grown, it is your turn to show her that you care by showering her with meaningful gifts like fragrance gift sets that would make her feel elegant.

Don’t know the right fragrances? Not to worry! There is a list of amazing perfumes for mothers for you to choose from below.

 FOR THE STYLISH MOM- Amouage Love Tuberose

We are talking about the 40 and above mamas that still look 16. She wouldn't leave the house without her feet beautifully adorned with heels. If this sounds like your mum, then Amouage Love Tuberose is the perfume to gift her this mothers day.

This perfume has tuberose standing out like a lamp on a stand. In there also, lies jasmine and vanilla adding a sweet touch to produce a gorgeous smell.


The perfume is grand and has never disappointed. If you are familiar with Chanel offerings, you will know this one right here is a great choice for ‘momsi’. At the top and middle are aldehydes, citrus fruits, flowers like jasmine, and rose handing No. 5 an exotic smell. Then at the base is sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla all pressed to fit into one bottle. And you don’t think that would be awesome?

It is suitable for use in any season, any occasion. Both day and night. It is indeed a marvelous gift choice this mother’s day.

 FOR THE STAY HOME MUM- Lancome’s Idole

If your mom is an indoor beauty that spends most of her time at home, gift her this perfume. Since this perfume is one created by women for women, it can not go wrong. The juice of Idole is fresh and cool. Has a refreshing scent of bergamot, rose, jasmine, patchouli. It is effortlessly pretty and won’t feel tiring if worn every day.

 FOR AN ALL-ROUND MOM- Hermes’ 24 Faubourg


24 Faubourg is for that mom that juggles running the home and a full-time job/her own business. A super mom! She deserves it as a thank you for all the care. It is a delightful perfume for women. With a golden Amber sparkle. It has orange, ylang-ylang, jasmine, patchouli, and of course amber harmonizing as one. Creating magic that lasts till the next morning. Gift this perfume to her and let her spend the whole day smelling like wealth.

Final Note

There is no reason why a mother shouldn’t be celebrated every day. However, a day has been set apart to express love, show respect, and gratitude to mothers. How best should mothers day be celebrated if not by buying her gifts?

On that note, If you’re looking for the purest of love, look into your mother’s eyes. But if you're looking for designer fragrances for less, then D’Scentsation is where you should look.


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