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6 must-have perfumes for the alpha male

6 must-have perfumes for the alpha male

Being an alpha male goes beyond having the loudest voice or the biggest muscle. Neither is it about being the hardest guy in the group. An alpha male in our books is a man that takes the ‘gentle’ and puts it back in the gentleman. Specifically, one that understands that smelling good is part of good manners and makes a conscious effort to be at his best. An alpha male knows that once you look good, eat good, you imperative should smell good. So that he attracts good things to himself. If you desire to be an alpha male, the best perfume for men listed below is a must-have.

Gucci Guilty for Men
If you have ever wondered what an alpha male smells like, you have the answer. Gucci guilty is for one that is a natural-born leader. It is for the successful, confident, and determined man. Isn’t that what being an alpha male is all about?. This fragrance beats its drum so all can be aware of its presence. Fearlessly depicting the mentality every alpha male should have: Think big, act boldly. Suitable for wear to business events and the office.


1 Million Paco Rabanne
1 million is a deep and exotic scent with the personality of a Yoruba die-hard fun lover and every Saturday owanbe goer. It is rich in woods, fruits, and nutty goodness. It is most suitable for date night.


Dior Sauvage
Sauvage is on every perfume list for men for a reason. A scent that evokes untamed alpha manliness as well as a fresh and playful sweetness. It has an unapologetic head, a fierce heart, and an intoxicating base with a powerful trail. Sauvage ticks the entire box in terms of elegance, modern and great performance.


CK Eternity
Surely Calvin Klein had family, love values, and peace in mind while coming up with this perfume. Eternity is light and easy to wear, constantly exuding sophistication. This Calvin Klein fragrance is ideal for a man who knows exactly what he wants, whether at work or play. If tech bros were to have a signature scent, we would easily recommend this fragrance. Its woody and amber notes make it a crisp and clean fragrance, perfect for everyday wear.


Hugo Boss Boss Bottled
Hugo Boss is a name that people associate with stylish sophistication and authority, and this perfume is the kind of scent that calls to mind glittering nights, exclusive parties, VIP dinners, and luxury hotels. It is also a natural aphrodisiac. Be ready for lots of compliments.


Versace Eros
To spritz this fragrance is to set yourself up for success. You sure love the sound of that, don’t you? Eros is an aromatic fragrance that's quite welcoming. We would describe it as slightly youthful and yet sophisticated at the same time. It can be worn by almost anyone, from an 18-year-old to someone well into their forties.

Wrap up—
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