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Top 8 perfume brands

In 2015, the existence of 17,000 perfumes was documented in the fragrance of the world; a fragrance Bible (Fragrance of the world, 2015). This goes a long way in telling you the abundance of this ultimate accessory. But as abundant as they are, they are all different from one another. So it would be difficult to run out of options to choose from.

To save you from the confusion of choice owing to numerous brands. We, therefore, curated a list of the top 8 perfume brands that have created fantastic fragrances. In no particular order.


Thomas Carlyle Ford, famously known as Tom Ford is the creator of the Tom Ford brand. His perfumes are created from the very best ingredients, delivering a long-lasting luxurious scent. He made his first fragrance Black Orchid in 2006 and since then hasn’t relinquished in producing timeless perfumes for men and women. Right now his stable boasts 112 perfumes. Among which are Grey Vetiver, Tobacco Vanille, Tuscan Leather, Ombre Leather, etc. While they do not come cheap, they are worth investing in. We promise.


Having been around in the fashion scene for about four decades. Dolce and Gabbana’s collection boasts 104 perfumes. Each of his perfumes sits next to perfection. All perfumes in D&G’s collection are classic and relevant. No wonder it is a favorite of many celebrities.


Do we need to introduce Chanel to you? We don’t think so. This brand by Coco Chanel has an interlocking ‘C’ logo and knows how to echo its gorgeousness. Interestingly, Chanel has been around for about a century yet is relevant to date. Indeed, it is an iconic brand and doesn’t look like one that will ever go out of style. Has 132 perfumes in her stable with Chanel No. 5 as the most popular of all.


If you know Bulgari men in black perfume, then this particular brand is not strange to you. The logo is Bulgari written Bvlgari. With about 128 amazing scents to pick from. Bulgaria fragrance confers boldness and makes a loud statement even without a mic.
Choose a scent from this brand only if elegance and luxury are what you want to exude. You have been warned 🌚


When you hear YSL, what perfume comes to mind? Black Opium. Yeah? Nearly everyone knows Black Opium. Well, that is just one out of 239 fragrances that Yves Saint Laurent’s stable houses. Most of YSL’s scents are elegant and great for people that like fruity and floral fragrances.


Creed by Oliver Creed is one of the oldest perfume brands in the world. Creed perfumes are known for having excellent sillage, which means just a little is sufficient for the whole day. Creed perfumes are handmade with rare ingredients. Little wonder why they are so expensive. They are equally well-rounded and sophisticated. The most popular of Creed’s being Creed Aventus is an absolute crowd appeal. Based on online reviews, Creed perfumes are best described as “the ultimate best perfume for men”.


Christian Dior did a thing by supplying the world with one of the very finest perfumes. If you look around, the very best perfume for women is Dior’s. He created his first perfume, Miss Dior in 1947. Dior didn't stop there, he strategically placed his fragrances at the forefront with J’adore and Sauvage as best sellers. The brand is associated with glamour, luxury, originality, prestige, and sophistication.


CK One, Eternity, and Obsession are just a few, but common perfumes created by Calvin Klein. Known for its unique scent, most of Calvin’s perfumes are appealing to both genders, which makes them largely accessible to more people. CK perfumes can be worn as a daily scent and also for special occasions.

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