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TOP 5 UNISEX PERFUME TO TRY OUT- If you happen to like compliments, number 3 will interest you.


First of all--What labels a perfume unisex?

The gender freedom of perfume lies in its ability to be used by a male and female. A scent that neither tilt towards a gender nor dwell in the gender cycle where traditional perfume dictators have identified rosy scented perfumes for women and musky, earthy scented perfumes for men.

Although, this age-old notion has gone on for years. It binds no one. Safe to say you are free to use any perfume you deem fit as long as it appeals to you.

Perfumes that understand their assignment 

There are no perfumes in existence that thoroughly understand their assignment and defines a range like unisex perfumes. 

Gone are the days when people were rigidly stuck with a particular gender-based perfume because its packaging bottle has been labeled ‘For men’ or ‘For women’.  

Nowadays, many individuals are taking ownership as to what fragrance to wear to smell fresh and modern based on their conscious sense of choice.

To this end, we at D’scentsation (your number 1 online fragrance shop) have taken time to put into one piece, these top 5 unisex perfumes that you will fall for and be eager to share with the love of your life. 

In no particular order, 


Calvin Klein - CK One - D'Scentsation Online Perfume Store


CK One by Calvin Klein

The top on our list is the citrus aromatic chypre from Calvin Klein. A perfume that screams awesomeness. At the very first splash of CK One; pineapple, mandarin, and lemon hit your nostrils. Giving way for jasmine, violet, nutmeg to escape right from the heart notes. Then finally, allowing the rich deep scent of sandalwood, amber, musk, and cedar to give depth and solidity resulting in a balanced fragrance gender ground ideal for use by both men and women. 

This perfume has fruits and woodsy ingredients carefully combined to produce something everyone adores and feels amazing wearing. Whether you’re dressed for the weekend or office, with a splash of this perfume, all you need is to get up and go.

Tom Ford - Ombre Leather -  D'Scentsation Online Perfume Store

Ombre Leather Parfum  by Tom Ford

Going by its name, you can already guess what this goodness-filled perfume smells like. You guessed right. Leather! Layers of cardamom and patchouli give it, its warmly spicy scent.

Being one of the newest and arguably one of the best perfumes from Tom Ford’s stable. This alluring unisex perfume is the right one for all that craves uniqueness and the feeling of being wanted.  Don’t we all crave that? Of course!



Marc Jacobs - Cucumber -  D'Scentsation Online Perfume Store

Marc Jacobs Cucumber 

Floral and refreshing scent– blending cucumber, lotus leaf, bamboo, freesia, blue tiger lily, frosted musk, and blonde woods in just the right proportion, making it suitable for you and your significant other. Marc Jacob blessed us with a fragrance that grows on you and not that type of scent that makes people scamper for safety on your first step into the room. 

 Heads on: If you like compliments, this perfume is for you. As you are sure to get plenty of “what perfume are you wearing?” even from strangers.

Because this perfume is so light and clean. We readily guarantee that you will feel comfortable wearing it without fear of upsetting anyone‘s senses. After all, has been said, you are still thinking of not trying it? We dare you!

Aramis - Calligraphy Rose -  D'Scentsation Online Perfume Store

Calligraphy Rose by Aramis

In all you do, make sure you don’t sleep on this enchanting unisex fragrance. 

This fragrance to us is the boldest of the perfume in the calligraphy series. It opens up with sweet herbal essence that heightens the sense of all, in bliss.

Quit easily agreeable that this popular gender-neutral Aramis perfume is one that neither smells too masculine nor too feminine. Richly blessed with a floral-oriental scent that exudes decadence and pure luxury. No perfume comes close to this scent. A fragrance that depicts a strong smoky and spicy rose feel. You sure want to give it a try. 


Creed - Silver Mountain Water -  D'Scentsation Online Perfume Store

Silver Mountain Water by James Creed

Inspired by the invigorating breeze of fresh, icy mountainous air. Creed’s Silver Mountain Water perfume is specially made for all with Orange, Green tea, sandalwood, black currant, and charming musk, all beautifully infused to evoke relaxation and renewal of the mind. Cop a bottle today and let your nose thank you.

A little icing on the cake

We, as well as a lot of “nose experts”  believe unisex fragrances are the go-to for the limitless and simple-minded individual that cherishes convenience (who doesn’t like convenience). Depending on what that sounds like to you. 

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