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The Very Best Versace Perfumes

Versace, an Italian fashion group was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. Which till today has a great stake in the fashion world. Its fragrance arm started in 1981 with the debut perfume Gianni Versace perfume for women.

The Versace brand reflects the lifestyle of its owner Gianni as bold, expressive, and passionate. You will agree with us that Versace’s scents are not for the shy. They are produced to make a statement. Highly expressive and ever-ready to indulge you.

In this article, we wouldn’t be talking about the Versace perfumes that are good or mid. Rather we’d be looking at the best of the best. And because you know that when we say something is good, it is because it has outstanding qualities that qualify it to be rated as ‘good’.

Now picture what ‘the best will be. Mindblowing right?

With no further delay, let’s jump right into Versace perfumes that stand tallest in terms of scent, popularity, and how well they last.


Versace Eros Eau de Parfum: Named after the Greek god of love. Same god that inspired the idea of love at first sight, this masculine fragrance has an enticing but not intimidating scent. It doesn’t refrain from holding people spellbound.

It is packaged in an aqua bottle with a Greek key motif having the Medusa head. This perfume showcases the ultimate expression of Versace’s style.
Its top notes include Lemon zest, Mint, and Green Apple; middle notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Amber, Geranium, and base notes such as Vetiver, Moss, and Cedar.

Are you thinking of the cologne for a date night? Here you are with one of the best to pierce your target’s heart more intensely.

Versace Eros Flame Eau de Parfum: An intense scent with focus, building its capacity on the Versace Eros but having a warmer feeling. It is packaged in the same bottle as the Eros but with a difference in the bottle color which is red. It has a lasting scent of up to 9 hours.

Its top notes are Orange, Tangerine, and Rosemary; Mid notes include Pepperwood, Rose, and Cedar, and base notes: Patchouli cedar, Rose, Tonka Bean, and Vanilla.

Versace Yellow Diamond: The Yellow Diamond has a sweet citrus, floral character combining the best features of the Versace perfume range into one magnificent scent. It is a fragrance for women that exudes luxury and class. Having a floral, irresistible, appealing scent while at the same time possessing a matured and graceful feeling fit for professional settings.

Its top notes are Neroli, Sweet Pear Sorbet, Bergamot, and Diamante Citron; middle notes: Freesia, Nymphaea, Orange blossom, and Mimosa with base notes of Musk, Amber, and Palo Santo Wood.
Will you like to mix fierceness with professionalism, then this perfume is a perfect fit.

Versace Versense: Your first contact with this perfume will introduce you to a fruity-floral scent. One thing Versace perfumes do is to bring awareness of time and place through their well-crafted fragrances.

Versace Versense is a good example of this as it evokes the feeling of rest or a holiday in the countryside. It has an elegant character and moderate longevity, far from overwhelming its user and those perceiving it.

Its top notes are Bergamot and Orange; the middle notes: are Jasmine and exotic spices and the base notes: Are sandalwood, Cedar, Olivetree wood, and Musk. Indeed it is a fragrance that is exceptional and perfect for year-round use.

Versace Couture Jasmine: A popular and luxurious designer perfume for women who seek out life’s most beautiful things. It is one of the most appreciated Versace fragrances from the couture range.

Versace Couture Jasmine has a stunning floral scent that truly defines the Mediterranean spring garden, giving its wearer the feeling of youthfulness and vitality, ideal for special occasions and best worn during summer and spring.

Do you want to feel youthful always, you can have this perfume.

Versace Eros Pour Femme: You sure would like a perfume that encapsulates the Versace brand values together all in one bottle. Then Eros Pour Femme is what you need. Since its launch in 2014 till date, this best perfume for women has remained on the best-selling list of women’s perfumes.

Known for its wild and romantic character, it has a fruity-floral, inviting scent that can’t be beaten. Its top notes are Gerbera, Bergamot, and Pomegranate; middle notes: Jasmine and Peony, and Base notes Amber and Musk.

Final note—

Versace brand is known across the world for its unique designs, meticulous attention to detail, style, and feminine elegance. Their values are glamour, sophistication, and boldness. This should make you realize that the perfumes discussed above are more than worthy to be qualified as the best.

The interesting thing about Versace is that their perfumes are not as expensive compared to other designer perfumes. They are highly affordable and this does not diminish their authenticity. After all, said, shop for your cheap Versace perfume here

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